Monday, September 10, 2012

The Summer Shack Classic Maine Lobster Roll

The Summer Shack Lobster Roll

It may not be a po’boy but it sure can make you one in a hurry unless you take advantage of a local market’s special like we did.  My sous chef pounced when Jensen’s offered uncooked lobster tails for a mere pittance.  He loves crustaceans of all kinds and attacks them with unmitigated gusto, although with far more refinement than Jennifer Beal in Flashdance.  So when he proffered his treasure with the challenge to “make something good,” I needed my “A” game.  One does not waste lobster no matter the price.

Luscious little lobster tails

Fortunately, I came up with  a great dish that both met the challenge and allowed me to take a little culinary “stay-cation” to Maine.  The Summer Shack Classic Maine Lobster Roll is a true delight and worth the splurge!  It is a lusciously creamy cold lobster salad stuffed into a light, buttery roll.  Add  lettuce and some potato chips and you can almost hear the pounding surf and smell the sweet, salt air.  And the best thing about this stay-cation  is it doesn’t set you back for airfare, hotel and all those gifts you need to bring back for those you left behind.
The start of lobster salad

A few quick notes.  Make the lobster salad first for it needs at least 30 minutes resting time.  If you can’t find New England Style hot dog buns, a longer roll with a split in the top can be used.  Just make sure whatever roll you use is light and airy and wide enough to hold the lobster salad.  Dorie Greenspan’s CafĂ© Style Carrot Salad was a refreshing accompaniment to the lobster roll.
Everything looks better with lobster

Classic Maine Lobster Roll
The Summer Shack Cookbook, Page 278

4 New England Style Hot Dog Buns
4 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter, Softened
4 Boston or Bibb Lettuce Leaves, Washed and Dried
Lobster Salad (recipe below)
Potato Chips

Heat a 10-inch skillet (or tostapane)  over medium heat.  Brush the sides of the buns with butter and place the buttered buns in the hot skillet (or on tostapane) and toast until golden.  Turn and cook other side.  (I split my rolls open and buttered/toasted the inside for a little extra buttery crispness.)

Open the buns, add lettuce  and top with the lobster salad.  Serve with potato chips.

Toasting the rolls on the "tostapane" 

Buttery, crisp roll ready for lobster

Lobster Salad
Makes 2 Cups

1 Pound Cooked Lobster Meat (I used lobster tails for ease of cooking and freezing until needed)
1 Small to Medium Cucumber – Peeled, Seeded, and Diced
½ cup Hellman’s or other quality Mayonnaise
2-3 Small Scallions
Freshly Ground Pepper
Sea Salt if needed

Cook and cool the lobsters and then remove the meat.  I love my seafood scissors for it makes this task a breeze, especially when working with lobster tails or the whole lobster.  Cut the lobster meat into chunks, preferably in the ½ inch size. 

Place the diced cucumber in a colander and let stand for about 5 minutes to drain any leftover liquid. 

Combine the lobster, cucumber, mayonnaise and scallions in a bowl.  Season with pepper to taste.  If you prefer a little salt, add to the mix but it’s not needed.  Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes or more.  Can be made up to 4 hours ahead.

Lobster Roll Heaven